Universiade of Trading: The Smiling volatilities, from theory to practice hoping in an happy ending.

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Similing VolatilitiesLorenzo Mengoni (team leader), Marco BarderiCamillo CecconiGlein Biba and Rocco Sandro Benfanti are The Smiling Volatalities. They represent, in this edition of the University Trading Challenge the School of Economics and Management of the University of Siena.

They started the competition in the first decade of November and their debut in the rankings saw them placed at the 20th position with a +0,10%. During the following months, their performance is gradually worsened, reaching a the maximum loss of -13.38% in March, the 27th. Afterwards, they managed to find the right strategy to recover the loss and we find them today – standings as on April, the 27th – at the 33rd place with a profit of + 3.07%.

They trade on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA and ETC) and on the US Markets.

So far the executed orders are close to 90.

“Our team is made up of 5 stdents from the School of Economics and Management from the University of Siena, enrolled in the Master’s Degree Course in FinanceLorenzo Mengoni (team leader), Marco BarderiCamillo CecconiGlein Biba and Rocco Sandro Benfanti.

We have decided to take part in this trading competition to put our theoretical knowledge to the test on the financial markets in a bid to move from theory into actual practice. We have heard about the University Trading Challenge from our colleagues of the last year.

Our expectation is that of learning how to go around in a field where we lack any prior experience, like that of trading. Our aim is to make to the end of the University Trading Challenge with a greater wealth of knowledge, by tring to figure out our mistakes, improving on that, and becoming capable of exploiting in the future the acquired knowledge; it goes without saying that achieving a positive outcome would be a good happy ending.

Each one of our team has always been fascinated by the world of trading, and this is what has driven us to biuld portfolios with virtual money, but non of us has ever had the chance to invest with real money, for this reason, we would like to thank the University Trading Challenge for the great opportunity it has given us.”

Our wish for LorenzoMarcoCamilloGlein and Rocco Sandro is to be able to strenghten the theoretical knowledge – coming from their studies – with a practical know-how that can be useful in their future. In addition to this, we wish them to conclude the championship in profit. Given the trend of their performance during this last month, it seems that they are on the right track!

Guys, do your best to win the right to participate in the trading duel Top of the Top that will be held during the ITForum, next 21st of May in Rimini. Indeed, the team that – from March 30th to April 30th – will achieve the best performance of period (regardless of the gain/loss pre-existing) will be invited to participate in the competition!

Good luck The Smiling Volatilities!


“I’m always thinking about losing money as opposed to making money. Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have”

Paul Tudor Jones.

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