University Trading Challenge: Atlas, team play, mutual emotional support, trust and commitment till the end.

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ATLASAndrea Pizzini (team leader), Riccardo Goldaperini and Marco Pizzini are the mambers of the Atlas team. They represent, in the 2014-15 edition of the University Trading Challenge, the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Milan.

They entered the challenge at the end of November and their debut in the standings, 11/28/2014, saw them placed in second position with +16,69%. In the following months the trend of their performance is impressive, constantly rising, only with some slight slip here and there.

They have been practically flawless, in five months they never left the podium :10 times at the first place, 9 times at the second place and once at the third place on April, the 3rd. In the last two weeks, they have quickly recovered the top of the ranking and we find them today – 04/17/15 – in first position with a profit of + 116.78%.

They trade mainly on the currency pairs of LMAX Exchange but they made some orders also on the MTA segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.

So far, the executed orders are almost 600.

“It took us quite a little while to decide to participate in this competition, but it did take rather longer time to come up with a name for the  team. In the end, we have resolved to the name of the oratory’s football team, where all three of us often play football, namely: the Atlas.

Now, why it’s so important to play together? Because beyond the notional basis, that each of us possesses thanks to university experience,  we firmly believe that being able to play in a team has made the difference so far.

We are two brothers Andrea and Marco Pizzini and a longtime friend Riccardo Goldaperini, we are all enrolled in the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Catholic University of Milan.

None of us have had experience in online trading of this kind before. We have our personal portfolios, but built with a very different logics of longer-term strategy and stability in mind. This competition instead, has spurred us to engage in an altogether different mindset.

After becoming aware of the University Trading Challenge by some of our friends, the decision to participate was really easy as we have mentioned earlier. We have soon realized that it could be, perhaps the only opportunity that we could ever have to make a long risk free trading experience (or so we have thought atleast at the beginning).

After having started to earn something, the following losses were in fact real losses in all senses, and it was on this occasions that the support of the team has proved to be truely essential. In these recent months there have been moments for having a collective debate and other instances where everything was entrusted into the individual choices of our team members; everyone has had a chance of testing their skills and the ability to handle the pressure of seeing plunging charts and having to decide what to do, not only about their money but also that of the others.

Communication and trust were fundamental and that was exactly what we wanted to experiment with, and  so we believe it will be of use for us in the future in other areas.

Initially we haven’t set ranking targets for ourselves, but only to get solid and stable experience, and to make sure not to risk everything at once; by making slow and steady growth, and then drawing the conclusions.

We thought that showing maturity was essential as well as demonstrating to know when and where to invest. Right now, things have changed a bit: so far, and for 17 weeks of activity, we have made to the second place for nine times, and ranked first on top for ten times. We could safely say that our initial goal has already been achieved, but it has exactly to do with how we have managed to build these achievements, to the point that right now, we would hate losing it all. We know, however, that the last week could be decisive as well, and we could lose right at the finish line. So, we should keep on focusing until it’s all over.”

To these three great friends, who managed – with a team game and an exemplary maturity – to coordinate and support themselves, to reach and even exceed the goals they had set at the beginning of this adventure, we can only wish them to continue this way, to believe in themselves and to look forward, committing until the end to defend the reached results and why not? Maybe even to increase the profit achieved so far.

We hope that the University Trading Challenge has been for AndreaRiccardo and Marco a training experience thanks to which – no matter what the final result will be – they have had the opportunity to increase their knowledge about the online trading dynamics in order to complete the theoretical skills already learned during their academic career.

In thanking them for the intyerview, we remember them that on May the 21st, during the ITForum in Rimini, will be held the trading duel TOP of the TOP.

You could be one of the participants!!!!!

The team that, from March 30 to April 30, achieves the best performance will be invited to participate in the competition!!!

Good luck Atlas!!!!


“Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.”

Warren Buffett





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