University Trading Challenge: Nove Decimi dalle Valli, broaden horizons and knowledge with the aim of completing the championship.

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NoveDecimiDalleValliDaniele Gheza (team leader), Giovanni DepedroRoby Cominotti and Roberto Prandelli are the Nove Decimi dalle Valli.

They come from the Valle Camonica and the Val Trompia and they represent, in this 2014-15 edition of the University Trading Challenge, the Faculty of Building Engineering – Architecture of the University of Brescia.

They entered the challenge in November 18th and they placed themselves in 20th position with -0,03%. The trend of their performance worsened in the following months and we find them today, current standings to April 17th, at the 86th place with a serious loss of -27.41%. They trade on ETFETC and MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange and on the currency pairs of LMAX Exchange.

Up to now, the executed orders are more than 150.

“We are DanieleGiovanniRoberto and Roby, or the team NOVE DECIMI Dalle VALLI, comprising four engineering students, Building and Architecture from the University of Brescia, we are all in the final year of our studies, all hailing from Valle Camonica and Val Trompia.

Speaking with a mutual friend of ours, who studies Economics in Brescia and has participated in the competitions in one of the past years, we became aware of this initiative, and so w’ve got interested in the competition. Then we made the decision to sign up for it, in an effort to get to know better a world that’s a bit different from ours, in an attempt to broaden our horizons and our knowledge, because, in order for us to give the competition a go, we have had to study subjects that are  pretty unrelated to our curriculum.

Our lowest target is to complete the trading contest, also hoping to achieve a profit margin and, why not, compete with the more stronger teams.

No, we do not have skills in trading, the only experience or knowledge that we had regarding the financial markets are the ones that we have managed to grasp in this period of study.”

We wish DanieleGiovanni, Roby e Roberto to hit their goals and to be able to find the right strategy in order to finish this competition in profit. We hope that the University Trading Challenge helps this team of engineers from Brescia to gain the experience useful to broaden their horizons towards an area so far apart from their every day reality.

Moreover, on May 21th, during the ITForum in Rimini, will be held the trading duel TOP of the TOP. The team that will be able to achieve the best period performance (March 30-April 30), will be one of the participants.

Good luck!


“The only thing to do when a person is wrong is to be right, by ceasing to be wrong. Cut your losses quickly, without hesitation. Don’t waste time. When a stock moves below a mental-stop, sell it immediately.”

Jesse Livermore

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