University Trading Challenge: Fi Muni, get some new experience and improve our trading skills.

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Matúš Abaffy (team leader), Jozef Púchly and Štefan Repček are the Fi Muni. They come from Slovakia but they study in Brno, at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Masaryk University. They entered the challenge at the end of November, but their first order has been executed in early February. They have never been in negative and they are – to date – the only Czech team in the green side of the ranking (as of March, 20th). They debuted in the rankings (February 6) at the 25th place with + 6.36%. Week after week, they have gradually increased their performance and, after one month and half, we find them in 26th place with +12, 40%. They trade on the US Markets and the orders executed are about twenty.

University Trading Challenge (UTC): Could you please introduce your team shortly? Where are you from? Where and what do you study?

Fi Muni (FM): Although we study in Brno, all three of us are from Slovakia.

We are studying at the Masaryk UniversityFaculty of Informatics.

Team Leader: Matúš Abaffy

Team Members: Jozef Púchly
 and Štefan Repček

UTC: Why are you participating in the University Trading Challenge and how did you hear about it? 

FM: Why? To get some new experience and to improve our trading skills. Plus, of course, to make some money without any risk. Matúš heard about the University Trading Challenge about a year ago on a presentation (workshop) by TRASYS GROUP – partner of the Challenge.

UTC: What are you expectations from the University Trading Challenge? Did you set yourselves any goals? 

- We did not set any goals prior to the start of the challenge, yet we wanted to do our best. However, had there been any expectations, they were lowered once we faced the platform and the possibilities it provides. Especially dissapointing was the finding that no leverage can be applied to the (US) stocks and that we cannot even short them. As this is the only domain in which we trade and feel comfortable, the before mentioned limitations somewhat stay in our way of higher returns. Nevertheless, it is a great experience to place orders directly on the market. 
Another shortcoming on our side is the lack of time. All of us are in the last year of study and working on diploma thesis got higher priority than University Trading ChallengeMatúš already graduated and is our one and only team member who has made some trades so far. Another thing is that we are employed (mostly full-time) what makes it very difficult to trade during the most important trading hours.

UTC: Do you have any experience in trading or with the stock markets in general? 

FM: We all joined this Challenge after a year experience with CFDs (team leader had quite longer experience). None of us had any other experience in trading before.

UTC: What about your current trading results?

FM: Looking at it, currently, we are the only team from Czech or Slovak Republic that is in positive numbers. Although that observation might be dissapointing on one side, it is encouraging for us on the other side. We are happy to be in profit, yet so small in comparison with the best teams. We congratulate all those who were able to make 10+ percents profit a week (even 100%) and wish them best luck!

A big good luck to these three guys with the hope that they can use the available time to achieve – within May, the 8th – the goals they have set at the beginning of this adventure.


“Don’t gamble. Buy some good stock. Hold it till it goes up…and then sell it. If it doesn’t go up, don’t buy it!”

Sir John Templeton

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