University Trading Challenge: Blue Star, captains or nothing!

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Pasquale Diovisalvi (team leader), Laura Salanitri and Pasquale Viggiano are the Blue Star. They represent, in this fifth edition of the University Trading Challenge, the Department of Economics of the “G. d’Annunzio” University of Chieti – Pescara.

They entered the conpetition at the beginning of December and, a couple of months later, their first appearence in the ranking saw them placed at the 57th place with +0,17%. In the following weeks, it seemed like they were following the right trend, but unfortunately in the last week, a slip led them at the 51st position with -0.09%.

Nothing bad, everything can be still recover.

They trade on the MTA and IDEM segments of the Italian Stock Exchange and so far the executed orders are 33.

“The Blue Star team is made up of Pasquale Diovisalvi, the team leader, Laura Salanitri and Pasquale Viggiano. We are all students of Economics but with different specializations, so that we can assess and observe the stock market situations from several viewpionts. We have decided to participate in the University Trading Challenge thanks to the suggestion of our Financial Mathematics Professor, and also because we wanted to put ourselves to the test.

So far, we have only consolidated the capital with a small percentage increments in order for us to use the whole capital during the final rush of April and May.

Expectations are high, our goals are no less, so we will try to finish at least in the top 3. In the last rush, will try to capital growth with double-digit percentages by using derivatives on leverage. Our motto is “either captains or nothing”.

We already have prior experience with the trading and financial markets, also thanks to the team leader who has reached the podium, doubling a fictitious capital put at stake in a tournament organized by the Department of Economics of our University.”

Determination seems to be a characteristic of this team.

In thanking them for the interview we wish Pasquale D., Laura and Pasquale V. to become “Captains” and bring home a good result at the end of the Challenge!

We also remind the Blue Star that on May the 21st, during the ITForum in Rimini, will be held the trading duel TOP of the TOP.

You could be one of the participants!!!!!

The team that, from March 30th to April 30th, achieves the best performance will be invited to participate in the competition!!!

Good luck Blue Star!!!


“If you have an approach that makes money, then money management can make the difference between success and failure… … I try to be conservative in my risk management. I want to make sure I’ll be around to play tomorrow. Risk control is essential.”

Monroe Trout


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