University Trading Challenge: Bancarie per caso, bread and medicine…markets and economics.

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BancariePerCasoElena Tenivella (team leader), Alessandra Tenivella and Elena Barbangelo are the Bancarie per Caso.

They represent, in the current edition of the University Trading Challenge, the Department of Medicine Science and Technology of Turin. They entered the challenge in mid-November and their debut in the standings saw them placed in 33rd place with a slight loss of – 1.40%.

In the following months, applying a good trading strategy, they achieved peaks of + 17% profit. Unfortunately, in mid-March, the situation has worsened. Today – standings as on April, the 10th – we find them in 82nd position with -18.15%.

They trade on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA and IDEM) and on LMAX Exchange (CFDs and Forex).

So far the executed orders are about a hundred.

“Our team is made up of three pharmacists: Elena TenivellaAlessandra TenivellaElena Barbangelo. We are very passionate about what we study, but we have the wish and curiosity to expand our knowledge even to the field of “markets and economics.” I (Elena) and my sister (Alessandra) we have grown up with “bread and medicine” but we have always had other passions in common like skiing and traveling.

At this time we would like to learn how to invest, in order to create a portfolio capable of guaranteeing a return on liquidity that we create with our work.

We have decided to participate to try and make our first trading exchanges on the stock market and to try out some techniques both for speculative purposes, that more aimed at saving goals. We have learned about the initiative by reading threads on the finance’s Forum.

Our expectations are to be able to finish the competition in positive standing, after carrying out a lot of positive trades, in the first phase of the competition, we been cought a bit short of time by the arrival of the QE and we are trying to close some short trades in losses.

None of us has experiences in trading, in fact, it’s thanks to the participation in the University Trading Challenge that we have had the fantastic opportunity to try out Directa’s platforms without risking losing our money. We would like to wholeheartedly Thank you  for this opportunity.”


Thank you to you for the interview! We wish these three nice pharmacists to become familiar with the financial markets, to increase their knowledge in this field so that, in the future, they can use the knowledge learned during the challenge for invest their savings and, of course, we hope that they succeed in closing in profit the competition.

We also remind to the Bancarie per Caso that on May the 21st, during the ITForum in Rimini, will be held the trading duel TOP of the TOP.

You could be one of the participants!!!!!

The team that, from March 30th to April 30th, achieves the best performance will be invited to participate in the competition!!!

Good luck Bancarie per Caso!!!


“Before you can go out on your own, you have to master your ego and realize that being profitable is more important than being right.”

Martin Schwartz

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