University Trading Challenge: A Beautiful Trade, achieve an excellent performance worthy of a good Trader.

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Stefania BrazzoliMatteo BalloccoEnrico BellinoGiovanni Battista Gardino and Giacomo Raimondo are the team A Beautiful Trade.

In the current edition of the University Trading Challenge they represent the School of Management and Economics of the University of Turin.

They were among the first entering the challenge in mid-November and they have managed to apply a winning strategy that in the last month has led them to increase a superb ascending trend.

On November 21st, they were at the 31st place with a performance of -1.19%, after which, in the ranking as on January the 30th, they have slipped at the 84th place with a -17.70% . We find them today (current standings to 13th March) at the 7th place with an impressive + 52.75%.

Their strategy consists of a mix thoroughly weighed of trades on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA, SEDEX and IDEM), on the CAC40 Future and on some CFDs of LMAX Exchange for a total of almost 50 orders executed.

“Our team is made up of five students from the School of Economics and Management in TurinStefania Brazzoli (team leader), Matteo

BalloccoEnrico BellinoGiovanni Battista GardinoGiacomo Raimondo.

Matteo and Giovanni are from Turin while I (Stefania) am from Saluzzo, province of CuneoEnrico is from Ivrea, and Giacomo is from Alba.

We have decided to take part in the the University Trading Challenge to have a chance to challenge ourselves on a practical level, on issues that so far, we have only seen on a theoretical level. We have learned about this initiative thanks to the Professor Giovanni Cuniberti.

The expectations are high: firstly to learn and grow, we don’t have much experience in the field of Trading and we hope that this experience would represent for us an opportunity to get closer to this world that fascinates us a lot.

The goal that we have set is to make to the end of this experience by achieving an excellent performance worthy of a good Trader.

In the first phase, we have made some mistakes due to the lack of experience, and the burning desire to operate, but we are learning from this; and every day we try to to refine our strategies ever more.

The experience that we have acquired in the trading world was mostly gained through the theoretical study and by its application on some demo versions; this is why we consider the University Trading Challenge to be a real chance for us, and a genuine opportunity for growth.”

We wish these guys to continue with the determination so far demonstrated trying to increase as much as possible their knowledge on the financial markets in order to arrive between the top teams of this edition of the University Trading Challenge.

“One of the most difficult things about trading is not to trade. Overtrading is as bad as running losing positions for too long”

Christian Siva-Jothy, hedge fund manager

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